BOSH is an open source system to deploy and manage distributed systems on many IaaS layers. In order to make this possible, BOSH must be configured with a "Cloud Config" containing all IaaS specifc settings.

The Cloud Config is specified in the YAML format. This wizard generates a valid Cloud Config YAML file.

First, choose your IaaS layer:

Configure Availability Zones

Most IaaS layers provide availability zones. When using different availability zones to deploy virtual machines, the probability that all virtual machines crash at the same time is low. The availability zones must be configured in the IaaS layer. In the Cloud Config you tell BOSH which zones exist in your IaaS setup.

Because most database clusters need at least three virtual machines to survive a crash of one of these machines, it is hightly recommended to use three zones.

Configure VM Types

In this step you define the dimensions for the virtual machines created by BOSH.

Configure Disk Types

In this step you define the dimensions for the disks created by BOSH..

Configure Networks

In this step you have to tell BOSH which IaaS networks should be used to provision virtual machines. The network must already exists on the IaaS layer. Furthermore, you must provide the network configuration that will be placed on each virtual machine created by BOSH (the standard gateway nameserver for example).

For each network you must also choose the availability zone the network is assigned to.

In addition, you can tell BOSH which IP address of the given network should not be used.

Cloud Config

Below you see the resulting Cloud Config. When you use this wizard to configure an "a9s BOSH for PCF" tile copy the content below into the textfield of the tiles cloud config section.